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  • Reading the book of Deuteronomy is like reading the diary of Moses. Verse by verse, he recorded God’s faithfulness to a people bent toward rebellion as they journeyed toward  the promised land. When the Invisible Enemy is the Rebellion of People Though Moses was called of God to lead

  • Strategy Against the Invisible Enemy Strategy in battle is key. Not only do we battle an invisible enemy, but we battle with invisible forces. We can also battle from a place of victory.  In Exodus 17:8-13, the Amalekite army attacked the Israelites as they were journeying through the

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    We serve a God who never loses a battle. He is victorious. Always.  Though it appears we have no control over this invisible enemy, let me reassure you – we, as God’s children, have control in ways we do not realize. We have spiritual authority to defeat this enemy and we have weapons

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    My book, “Lessons of a Dragonfly, Forty Days to a Transformed Life,” now available on Amazon. This forty-day journey of prayer and daily readings are accompanied by scripture for further study, thought-provoking questions and prayers. In this post, I share the Introductory

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