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  • Reading the book of Deuteronomy is like reading the diary of Moses. Verse by verse, he recorded God’s faithfulness to a people bent toward rebellion as they journeyed toward  the promised land. When the Invisible Enemy is the Rebellion of People Though Moses was called of God to lead

  • How can a story of such diverse characters teach us about wartime tactics? Read the summary below, and then marinade in the “Application” section  about blessings and curses. (For the complete story, read Numbers 22-24.) Characters King Balak of Moab: Terrified of the numerous

  • Strategy Against the Invisible Enemy Strategy in battle is key. Not only do we battle an invisible enemy, but we battle with invisible forces. We can also battle from a place of victory.  In Exodus 17:8-13, the Amalekite army attacked the Israelites as they were journeying through the

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    We serve a God who never loses a battle. He is victorious. Always.  Though it appears we have no control over this invisible enemy, let me reassure you – we, as God’s children, have control in ways we do not realize. We have spiritual authority to defeat this enemy and we have weapons

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