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The Power of Words

Gracious and encouraging words have the power to set us up for success in our day. Have you noticed how kind words make your smile? Whether spoken by you to someone or spoken to you,  kindness has a way of holding our head higher, our walk lighter, our smile brighter.

When I look back over my life, the times of greatest hurt came through words spoken to (or against) me. Words that sting, that were spoken from a place of meanness. I’ve worked a long time to overcome the wounds of words.

Speak with Love

Let us not be those who wound others with our words. Let us choose kind and encouraging words. When correcting words need to be spoken, let’s cover them with prayer and speak them in love.

This category houses articles about our relationship with God. Things like drawing near to Him and learning to recognize and discern His voice. Articles about the importance of leaning into Him when the hard times come.

Come on into this archive group – look around. Be encouraged. God is for you. He is always speaking to you, drawing you near. Don’t ever doubt that. He is the lover of your soul, your heart, your spirit!


Drawing near, recognizing His voice, leaning into Him.

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    From the Beginning Years ago, when I wanted a broader view of God, I read the Bible, beginning in Genesis, looking for treasures of truth. Throughout my youth, my reading and Bible study had been in the New Testament, so I assumed the Old Testament no longer applied. After all, it was

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    I try to watch what inhabits my mind, guarding against those things that try to pull me into the gray areas of life. What are the gray areas? Those things that do not have a hard and obvious right and wrong and can be done and hidden in secret. Those things that cause a check in the

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    On a recent visit to San Francisco, I had the opportunity to walk the hills, see the sights, and observe the crowds. As I made my way back to the hotel, I observed a tourist – a nicely dressed man – standing beside a homeless man who appeared to be asleep, spilling over

  • There is a way to pull ourselves out of the pit of despair and grief. A way that takes courage and a strong will. The guidance that looks beyond our situation and sees from a higher realm. A path that turns our eyes from the ashes of loss to the beauty of life. Hear me. I know. A

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    A few years ago, I awakened at 3 a.m. with a phrase repeating in my thoughts. It had become customary for God to encourage me in this way in the wee hours of the morning. Not wanting to forget the words echoing in my mind, I grabbed pen and paper and quickly jotted them down. What I

  • Intimacy with Jesus 3
    Intimacy with Jesus 3
    Intimacy with Jesus 3

    I was at a conference listening as the keynote speaker expressed her love for Jesus. An inner, deep stirring began as I realized I did not speak the name, Jesus. I feared calling him by his name would allow him to see my broken and sinful heart. By not using the name, I reasoned I

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