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2024 Publications

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Finding the End of the Rainbow, A Story of Hope, Change, Forgiveness, and Redemption
Vicky Berry (c) 2024


2023 Publications

Arise and Go, The Harvest Has Come
Julie King and East West (c) 2023

Awakening to the Holy Spirit
Kurt Nelson and East West (c) 2022, 2023

Beautifully Broken, Forged Through Fire (Second Edition)
Kimberly Smith (c) 2023

Cedar Pole, An Intimate Relationship with Faith
D. McDonell (c) 2023

Ferocious Love, Yippee, Amen, and Hallelujah!!!
Latimer Bowen (c) 2023

Grow with Goals, A How-to Guide for Activating Your Purpose
Jill Hellwig (c) 2023

In His Hands, a Collection of Bible Nursery Rhymes
Amy Neville (c) 2023

Levante Amada Mia (Arise, My Darling | Spanish Version)
Julie King and East West (c) 2023

The Quad Life, Unexpected Times Abound, Reliance on God a Must
Joel Vander Molen (c) 2023

2022 Publications

Charlie, Me, and Thee
Lisa Weigard (c) 2022

God’s Compassion Illuminated, Treasured Thoughts to Inspire Following God’s Way
Christine M. Fisher (c) 2022

Rescued Heart, Moving from Pain to Purpose
Jen Mango (c) 2022

Revival, a Story of Loss, Betrayal, Darkness, and the Journey into Light
Amy Neville (c) 2022

Rivers and Streams, A Guided Journey Through the Book of James
Karen Schexnayder (c) 2022

The Middle Child, Hang Tough, The Marine (English Version)
Minh Houng and Hang Pham (c) 2022

The Middle Child, Hang Tough, The Marine (Vietnamese Translation)
Minh Houng and Hang Pham (c) 2022

The Rise and Fall of Muslim Civilization, Hope for the Future
M. Basheer Ahmed, M.D. (c) 2022

The Two Sheep, A Story of Friendship and Hope
Lynn Reedy (c) 2022

Why are Americans Obsessed with Guns and Willing to Pay a High Price
M. Basheer Ahmed, M.D. (c) 2022

2021 Publications

Connecting the Dots: Learning to Live a Word-Shaped Life
Gloria Ashby (c) 2021

Conversations at a Table for Two: Feeding a Hungry Soul
Tami VanHoy (c) 2021

God’s Love Illuminated, Treasured Thoughts to Inspire Walking in God’s Abundant Love
Winner of the Henry Award through the Christian Literary Awards, 2023
Christine M. Fisher (c) 2021

Revivalist Arise, Encounters with Jesus that Position You to Carry the Fires of Revival
Julie King and East West (c) 2021

Arise, My Darling, Encounters with Jesus to Ignite Passion, Worship, and Wonder
Julie King and East West (c) 2021

2020 Publications

Life, Life, and More Life, the Power of Declaring Life in the Most Challenging of Circumstances
John Bell (c) 2020

Raising Wildflowers, Homeschooling at Ease in a Frantic Culture
Emily B. Riffe (c) 2020

God’s Presence Illuminated, Treasured Thoughts to Inspire Hope and Light
Christine M. Fisher (c) 2020

Beautifully Broken, Forged Through Fire, Up from Ashes (First Edition)
Kimberly Smith (c) 2020

In the Stillness, A Journal for Quiet Time Reflection
Dragonfly Ministries (c) 2020

2019 Publications

Bringing Hope, Life-Changing Wisdom for Christ-Followers
Liz Morris and the Dallas Dream Team (c) 2019

The Making of a Dragonfly, Following Christ Through the Winds of Change (Second Edition)
Mary Ethel Eckard (c) 2019

Lessons of a Dragonfly, Forty Days to a Transformed Life
Mary Ethel Eckard (c) 2019

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