Mary Ethel Eckard is northern-born and southern-bred. Her childhood roots are from York, South Carolina. Her years in ministry have also developed friendships around the world.  Mary’s desire is to see others know God in a personal way and walk in His grace and freedom, by following Christ through the winds of change.

Let Your Light Shine

Mary is the co-founder of Dragonfly Ministries, a ministry dedicated to the spiritual growth and encouragement of God’s children. She travels internationally to speak and teach at conferences, workshops, retreats, and crusades.

Mary has a heart for teaching others how to pursue God, recognize His promptings, and walk in His ways. Her captivating testimony chronicles a journey of relying on God’s guidance to navigate the dark days of life and come out on the other side trusting in His faithfulness.  Her award-winning books, “The Making of a Dragonfly, Following Christ Through the Winds of Change”, and “Lessons of a Dragonfly, Forty Days to a Transformed Life”, are available on Amazon.

Mary’s chief calling is to reflect God’s light.

“Let your light shine before men, that they may  see your good deeds
and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

Mary resides in north Texas. She is mother of four and grammy of eight.

Mary’s Passion

Mary’s greatest passion is to love God and shine His love to others so they are drawn to Him. She shares her life through writing, teaching, and speaking with the hope of bringing spiritual understanding and Biblical application to the everyday challenges and situations of life.


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Why Dragonfly | Dragonfly Symbolism

Have you had dragonfly sightings and are wondering about dragonfly symbolism and meaning? At a low point in life, God gave me the dragonfly to reassure me of His love, presence, and purpose for my life. When I did a little research about the symbolism of the dragonfly, I was amazed how God used this beautiful creature, to pour His love into my heart. (This story and more are shared in my books, “The Making of a Dragonfly” and “Lessons of a Dragonfly,”  available on Amazon.)

(Copied from the Dragonfly Ministries site with permission 

Dragonfly Symbolism:

The dragonfly is a symbol of growth and development. She is her strongest when she stays close to her source of strength, the sunlight.
As she absorbs warmth from the sun, she reflects it through her wings for the world to see.

We are much like the dragonfly, created to grow and develop into all God has purposed for us. We are our strongest and best when we stay close to our source of strength, the SON light. As we absorb His light, His Holy Spirit teaches, guides, and shines through us so others are drawn to Him.

The dragonfly serves to remind us we too can reflect the light of Christ in a darkened world by letting His Son shine through us.

Will you be a dragonfly for God?

“For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ made His
light shine in our hearts to give us the light of knowledge of the
glory of God in the face of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 4:6


God makes Himself known to us in ways unique to our personality. Often through nature – whether it be a dragonfly, butterfly, rainbow, or other elements of His creation. He woos us to gain our attention so our eyes will be turned toward Him.








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  • Janet Fittro says:

    Mary Ethel,
    My name is Janet Fittro. During the quarantine of the pandemic, I painted something every day and accompanied it with appropriate scripture and some great quotes.
    On Day 22 I painted a dragonfly. Later I found your book and I have quoted you in what is now becoming a devotional book (a completely God-led event).
    I am writing to you to make certain you are ok with that. I have credited you in the Acknowledgements
    “The dragonfly serves to remind us that we, too can reflect the light of Christ in a darkened world by letting His light shine through us. Often through nature-whether it be a dragonfly, butterfly, rainbow or other elements of His creation, He woos us to gain our attention so our eyes will be turned toward Him.”

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