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This page has links to listen, watch, and read more from Mary, like articles, video teachings, and links to her podcast, Drawing Near with Mary Ethel Eckard, on Interviews center around Mary’s faith story and her two books, “The Making of a Dragonfly” and “Lessons of a Dragonfly.”

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Introduction to “Drawing Near” Podcast hosted by

Drawing Near

God’s Dragonfly

Light into Darkness

Martha and Mary | Dragonflies for God

Grace in Seasons of Brokenness

Strategies Against the Invisible Enemy

The Voice of God

Blessed is the Mom (Who Clings to Jesus)





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Joy & Company

2021 Interview, This Mom Knows,Hearing God’s Voice,” with Jenn Uren.

2020 Guest Appearance, Tribulation-Now Radio featuring Johnny Baptist. The Miracle of  the Dragonflies” with Mary Ethel Eckard

2020 Interview, A Time To Dream, with Donna Skell and Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Co-Hosts

2019 Interview, Lessons of a Dragonfly, with Joy & Company, The Review with Joy & Company

2018 Interview, The Making of a Dragonfly, with Joy & Company, The Review with Joy & Company

Women Living Well, “Living by  Faith Series, Living for Eternity.”




Mary reading

Frisco Style Magazine, June 2019, The Power of Authentic Faith
Seminary, Meet Mary Ethel Eckard, The Making of a Dragonfly

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