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A Shaky Question

Can you identify the foundation of your life? What are your priorities? What are you building on? It’s a key question for steps forward. When our priorities are out of alignment, we will find our footing begins to slip.

Often we can start on what appears to be on steady  ground.  But when the winds and waves come, we find our foundation crumbles. Why is that? Because our life was built on things that can be destroyed.

Steadying the Platform

Because God is spirit, we worship and love and talk to Him with our spirit. We are spirit to spirit. His spirit is the greatest foundation we can build upon. Why? He is eternal, His love for us is eternal, and He will never disappoint us. When HE is our foundation, He will never crumble.

Things of this earth will crumble. Yes, relationships and careers and finances all have the potential to crumble. But HE will never crumble and His love for us will never crumble. He is a sure foundation.

In this category, you will read articles about the goodness of God. Stories written with vulnerability and authenticity. Blogs that share God’s love, wisdom, and goodness in life. Check us out!

  • My prayer life hadn’t changed since I was a child; neither had my Christian journey.  How could I work on drawing near to God? The first time I earnestly approached God in prayer, I felt foolish, vulnerable and dependent.  Rather than running away, I pressed in because I needed

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    Click Here for 40 Days of Prayer Why Forty days of prayer? In the Bible, forty is a number for spiritual preparation. Moses spent forty days with God on Mt. Sinai while receiving the ten commandments (Exodus 34:28). These commandments were to teach the Israelites how to walk with God,

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    The Invitation I was asked to speak at a women’s conference in Dallas, Texas. I happily accepted the invitation, knowing the Lord would give me the words to speak, the scripture to reference, and His heart for the women. As I sought the Lord about what to say, He gave me nothing

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    The Seed of Worship Patty was a co-worker who introduced me to the “real” Jesus.  She planted within me a seed of desire to know God like she knew Him. I was fertile ground, and perhaps God used me to teach her how to farm. One weekend, she invited me to go to Arkansas to a women’s

  • Peter and Me. We are connected in many ways. Because I am prone to stumble and fall in my Christian journey, I am continually drawn to scripture to read about the waywardness and sinfulness of man. Even those after “God’s own heart” had their selfish moments. My heart resonates with

  • As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart. Proverbs 27:19 I’ve been thinking a lot about grace; a five-letter word that reaches to the depths of the earth and the heights of the heavens. It’s readily available, yet we have trouble grasping it. How can we be the

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    The Trigger I fell headfirst into an emotional trigger last week. The words that rolled off my tongue and the anger that spewed through my actions brought shock and pain to the one my words landed on. The trigger was from an emotional wound I thought had healed during my past ten

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    The latter years are supposed to be the best, filled with confidence, grace, forgiveness, wisdom and contentment. What happens when we reach those years and we have not met the milestones we expected? Sometimes we need to stop, breathe, and take inventory of where we are, have been,

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    Divine Intervention I met John and Susie Bell several years ago while living in Chicago and serving on staff at a north shore church. The church was hosting a welcome lunch for visitors the first Sunday the Bells attended. As Director of Guest Services, it was my role to meet the

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